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It all began in 1978 with the release of the original Debbie Does Dallas that would soon became a classic. The plot of the original Debbie Does Dallas movie focuses on a team of cheerleaders attempting to earn enough money to send the title character to Dallas, Texas to try out for the famous Dallas Cowgirls cheerleading squad.

The fictional name "Cowgirls" was seen as a take on the real-life Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Each girl finds that she can make extra money during her after school job by having a sexual encounter with her employer. Contrary to the title, the film is not set in Dallas nor does the titular Debbie "do" anyone in or from Dallas. The title reference to Dallas only refers to Debbie's struggle to get to Dallas and the men she and her girlfriends do to get there.

stefani morgan
{ Stefani Morgan }

monique alexander
{ Monique Alexander }

sunny leone
{ Sunny Leone }

Fast Foward now 20 years. It is Debbie Does Dallas ... Again. This movie is a modern take on the classic with a whole new cast and a whole new adventure for the naughty cheerleaders. Whereas the original Debbie was played by the blonde bombshell Bambi Woods, the newer version would feature Stefani Morgan and her cast of sexy cheerleaders would include Monique Alexander, Sunny Leone, Cassidey, Lacie Heart, Savanna Samson, Hillary Scott, Staci Thorn, Courtney Simpson, and Penny Flame.

When the original Debbie came out, the star made $400 for her performance. Little did Bambi Woods know it would go on to be one of the biggest adult movies of all time, in the top five for lifetime earnings of all adult movies ever made. If you account for inflation, that $400 Bambi Woods made for doing the Debbie Does Dallas movie is actually about $2,849 in today's money (2017). That's more than 3 times what the average girl makes today for doing a boy/girl scene.

Another actor from the movie Herschel Savage said he was paid $150 for his work on the film.

Debbie Does Dallas

Movie Synopsis: Stefani and Monique are rivals on the same team, competing for the same boy, and a win in the National Cheerleading World Championships in Bakersfield, California. After Stefani suffers a fatal accident in a botched but fabulous flip, she meets her guardian angel, Penny Flame, and promptly makes a deal to go back to earth to avenge her loss. She reappears in the body of Hillary Scott, and from the gates of Heaven, all hell breaks loose.

The award winning director Paul Thomas presents Debbie Does Dallas ... Again, the most ambitious Debbie ever made, and the inspiration for a major reality tv show (that aired on Showtime)!

See five Vivid superstars lead the cheer for sex, sex and more sex in the Debbie to end all Debbies! Vivid does it ... again! This was the first ever adult Blu-Ray movie. You can now watch DEBBIE DOES DALLAS ... AGAIN at the official Vivid website.

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Debbie Does Dallas