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When was Debbie Does Dallas released?

The original Debbie Does Dallas starring Bambi Woods was released in theaters in 1978.

Is it true that Debbie Does Dallas is in public domain?

It appears that is the case. Debbie Does Dallas was exhibited without a copyright notice. After the producers failed to fix the problem a court ruling in 1987 found that the omission of the copyright notice 'resulted in the film being irretrievably injected into the public domain "several months" later'. No court ruling since then has overturned this judgment. See here for the ruling and here for analysis of the judgment. This is probably why you can get a copy of the original movie for free when you buy the DVD of Debbie Does Dallas ... Again.

Where is Bambi Woods now?

She is married with children and lives somewhere on the East coast, not to far from New York City. Her children don't know she was the infamous Bambi Woods and she would like to keep it that way.

Debbie Does Dallas